absolutely ridiculous is better than absolutely boring

After talking with a friend they surprised me by saying something along the lines of not seeing me stressed out like I don’t have issues and handle my shit.

I have massive issues (I was under the impression that was universal). I try not to get too personal online and be a debbie downer.


People are fucked up! We all use different things to cope. That is why I love TGO. Here we can use humor to lighten up the sick sad darkness in life. We can openly talk about the drug addictions we struggle with that everyone else seems so bent on keeping hush hush.


If you can’t talk and joke about it how can it get better?

So thank you to everyone who takes time to write those offensive sometimes pointless articles, who participate in menial discussions about dong sucking.


You’re taking someone out of their shitty life or their shitty thoughts for a moment and that’s enough. IT’S A GD COMMUNITY SERVICE.