James Mangold to Write/Direct Boba Fett Movie

THR is reporting that Lucasfilm has a Boba Fett movie in the works from writer/director James Mangold. Mangold has already had some massive success recently with the critically acclaimed Logan. The report continues to include an Obi Wan movie with Stephen Daldry attached too. There is said to be a “slew” of other characters with films in development as well even though none of them are named.

Mangold doesn’t seem like a bad fit for the film, he’s already had some history in some nerd related properties with two Wolverine films under his belt. We’ll see how he’ll pull it off. Boba Fett isn’t that cool to be, but I know he’s a favorite for many and has been for decades. To me, when they don’t come straight from Lucasfilm I’m a little bit less likely to believe them. Still, THR is a solid source.

No word on what the plot will be like. It could still end up being a bounty hunter ensemble with Boba playing a part. What do you think of a Boba Fett movie coming from James Mangold?