41 Years Ago: Star Wars is Released

41 years ago today Star Wars hits theaters and takes the world by storm. Along with Jaws this film created blockbuster films as we know it and it was the largest grossing film of all time for about 5 years until it was surpassed by E.T and it eventually gained the lead back again thanks to the release of the Special Editions until it was passed for good by Titanic.

Star Wars introduced several groundbreaking special effects and a handful of the most beloved characters of all time. It gave Harrison Ford his breakout and he’s still considered the highest grossing movie star of all time. Its hard to believe that the original film is still viewed and deciphered every day by fans more than 40 years later. The toys still sell the crazy and the property gains new fans every day.

Han Solo made his debut on this day and now you’re able to see his next adventure in Solo: A Star Wars Story today.

Happy Birthday to Star Wars.