Solo’s Opening Weekend Disappoints

The Memorial Day weekend is normally a pretty good location for a blockbuster movie. You can grab a few more customers on the extra day off than you could any other regular weekend. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with Solo: A Star Wars Story as the second spinoff movie had a disappointing opening weekend. Solo’s take for the weekend is currently estimated at about 83.3 million dollars. Monday’s totals are obviously not included because it hasn’t happened yet, but the original expectations for Solo were at around 170 million over the four days and it’ll have to take a magnificent Monday to go anywhere near that number. The expected number for the full long weekend is at about 101 million. Apparently the overseas picture is even worse.

I have to say I’m really disappointed with the totals. I think the movie deserves to be profitable and I hope that it won’t be taking a large drop in its second weekend. Blockbuster season is so stuffed now anyway and surely there will be something in a couple weeks time that will get its 15 minutes of fame while Solo gets swept under the rug. To be fair, I was expecting Solo to have the smallest weekend of the Disney releases but 83 million buts Solo more than 70 million dollars behind Rogue One. I was hoping that the backlash from The Last Jedi wasn’t going to be an issue, but its possible that it was.

I’m not normally one to panic when it comes to box office totals, but I do think this is cause for concern at Lucasfilm. It could be possible that Star Wars fatigue could be a legitimate possibly, or maybe this project just didn’t get fans interested enough. Its shame, because reviews on the movie were solid.

What do you think of Solo’s box office take? Should Lucasfilm be worried?