Billy Dee is Getting in Shape… For IX?

Billy Dee Williams, original Lando Calrissian is 81 years old and unfortunately he’s seen better days. He was using a cane at the Solo premiere a couple of weeks ago. That is what happens to people when they get old, but at a convention appearance Billy Dee is said to be getting into shape for some reason.

People are probably reading a bit into this, it could simply be for health reasons. If the man’s gonna make it to 90 he’s probably got to improve his lifestyle like most old people do. Or, it could be because he’s coming back for Episode IX, and that’s the rumor I want to believe. With the transmission sent out during The Last Jedi its more than possible that Lando will receive it and come help everyone out.

Williams roles have been limited to just voice over for the last few years. He’s reprised Lando a few times for both Rebels and Battlefront, so he’s never too far away from Star Wars.