Favorite Alternative Band?

Alternative rock has become one of the most broad genres in music getting its start in the early 80s with bands like The Cure but hitting its peak in the 90s with grunge. Its hard to believe that a band like Nirvana or the Melvins can get clumped into the same group as R.E.M. Then you have hybrid genres like rap rock headlined by the Red Hot Chili Pepepers and Rage Against the Machine. What began as an alternative to the mainstream eventually became the mainstream.

Alternative is still one of the stronger rock genres in the modern day, probably because a lot of the bands that are present today drew inspiration from the bands in the nineties. The Foo Fighters began in the mid 90s out of the ashes of Nirvana and is one of the most beloved rock acts in the world 20 years into their career.

What is your favorite band considered to be alternative rock?