Extended Long Weekend

Today I took off from work so I had an extra long holiday weekend. Today is peaceful because everyone is back to work. Except this guy. I made my first trip to my hunting property for the season. It’s always reassuring to make sure the old man shack is still standing. I knew we had a heavy snowfall this winter. Those suspicions were confirmed when I received the town news letter.

We came in second in Western New York with 256 inches of snow this year.

Good news. Looks like the hillbilly hut survived. Just gotta mow knee high grass.

Now I’ll head to my deer blind and trim out a shooting lane

This clearing gives me a 35-40 yard shot at a deer. Time to get some practice in

Aim small, miss small. I figure if I can get good at shooting a 3 inch target then I should hit a clean shot every time.

This is what I live for. Sitting in the woods with a cold beverage and a warm gun.

Once I get home and cleaned up it’s off to Taco Tuesday. The local watering hole has 1 pound deep fried tacos. They are to die for. Literally 1 out of 7 people have a heart attack eating one. The other six have a massive orgasm. I’ll take my chances