We all know when you turn 30 years old you have to test your might against your dad in the FATHER vs SON BALL SQUEEZE.

For those of you who live under a rock or live in a 3rd world country, The FATHER vs SON BALL SQUEEZE is where you grab hold of your dad’s balls and he grabs your balls, then you squeeze. Who ever last the longest without tapping-out, wins. This challenge of manhood and might usually takes place on the side of the interstate. By doing this challenge on the side of the interstate it makes it a spectator sport.


I remember when I turned 30. My dad said to me “TO THE INTERSTATE, MY BOY”!

There, on the side of the interstate I latched on to my dad’s balls like a rock climber hanging on for dear life. When my dad grabbed on to my balls, his hands felt strong and confident, I knew I was in for the challenge of a lifetime!

We stood on the side of the interstate for 17 months with balls in hand. Some days I thought I was about to win, but then my dad would catch his second wind and take the lead.

On the last day of the challenge a drunk driver in an 18 wheeler ran over my dad.