Lost Fashion- The Soul Patch

History has given us many great varieties of facial hairstyles. But one is almost universally agreed upon as the gayest of them all. The soul patch.

The soul patch first came to prominence in the 1950’s. African-American jazz musicians began to wear this new facial hair style. Particularly the trumpet players, as this small patch of hair just below their bottom lip provided them with a little padding for their mouth piece.

The trend would be picked up by the beatniks and artists who followed these early jazz musicians.

Eventually the soul patch would permeate all levels of society. The 1970’s saw the style re-emerge in popularity amongst musicians. Several variations came about.

Frank Zappa made The Imperial popular

That was the large square soul patch.

Stevie Ray Vaughan made another style popular

The Soul Point. It was a small, triangular shaped patch.

The soul patch became popular again in the 1990’s when people were searching for ways to gay up their look

There have been some recent examples of Hollywood Stars parading around with the soul patch

Did you, or do you participate in this, the gayest of all facial hair trends?