Should Febreeze Be Allowed in Bathrooms?

I can admit that I’ve definitely rocked some bathrooms with a nasty deuce every now and then. Most men have. At home its not really a problem because if I stink up the bathroom I don’t really care about making my friend or love one’s trip to the bathroom a bit more unpleasant.

I have a strong opinion on Febreeze or some other form of air freshener in bathrooms. If you take a nasty shit and then try and mask it with Febreeze it makes things that much worse for the next guy because the air freshener doesn’t really eliminate the smell. It almost strengthens it and makes it worse.

If you’re using a public bathroom and take a shit you might as well be up front with it rather than act like you were in the stall sitting down to pee. Febreeze only makes it worse. Stop lying to yourself.