The Mary Poppins

Today I want to share with you a fantastic new sex term. Some of my newly invented sex terms are a new position. This new sex term describes a maneuver. Who doesn’t like to be able to bust about a sweet trick move in the sack? Well, this move takes the fun out of the bedroom and makes it an outdoor activity. Let’s get started on the lesson, shall we?

The Mary Poppins

Step 1

You and your bro climb up to your roof top

Step 2-

Your bro takes his pants off

And the panties too. You’re gunna need a floppy man bag in a few steps

Step 3-

Have your bro mount you in reverse piggyback style

Be sure his ball sack is on top of your head. His penis should dangle next to your face

Step 4-

With one hand grab his penis. Then with the other grip onto the front edge of his ball sack and pull tight, then jump off the roof. If you hold tight enough, the ball sack should fill with air as you descend. This will allow you to float gently to the ground, like Mary Poppins, with a shaft in one hand and a bag in the other

It’s quite easy and fun. Be sure to have someone record your flight so we can all post our very own Mary Poppins videos here at TGO!