Happy Birthday TGO!

One year ago, Bulgingsnake put his master plan into action. The Great Outdoorsman broke away from Disqus and a legend was born

I wasn’t around for the Disqus days. And I missed the launch of TGO by around 3 weeks. I can only imagine what an exciting time it was at the start. A new beginning, with your own rules, and a big F U to the tool bags at Disqus who doubted Bulgingsnake could pull it off.

The first month saw new authors trying their hand at developing their writing style. Many of the first discussions were video game and SciFi movie reviews. It was the latter that was the first discussion I ever saw on TGO

June 20th I read this review by Sam. I’m not sure what caught my attention about this place at first. I came out of the gate pretty slow as a commenter

It wasn’t the amateur review, or the witty comments. It was a sense of community. Someone responded to my comment. Then I came back and made a few wise cracks. That got a couple responses. I had found a collection of like minded people to share my lunacy with.

Within three months of first discovering TheGreatOutdoorsman.net, I was asked to join the ranks as an author. I accepted, but I had no clue what I would write about. I didn’t have the world view and razor sharp wit of Uilick McGee, or the artistic vision of Mike Zippy. Let alone the vast encyclopedia of knowledge that is inside Villains head. I looked up to these authors and their skill to entertain. I haven’t even mentioned our leader Bulgingsnake. I thought he was funny. But it wasn’t until I went back and searched his history that I realized what a truly funny guy he was. I’ve had the privilege to get to know Snake on a personal level. And that’s when I discovered the true depth of this man’s genius.

There were good times all around at TGO

We saw the start of advertising on TGO.

And as quickly as it started, we killed it

Bulgingsnake has too much integrity to sell out. So advertising was sent packing in favor of dongs.

A Star was elevated to God status

Tom even got in on the TGO action

We saw a turd rise from the sewer to take the brunt of our abuse for a time

But there was also growing pains. Due to certain circumstances, TGO saw an exit made by several original authors

Sorry you couldn’t stick around. But as the old saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat get out of The Winning! This exodus made room for new topics. Authors like Villain were able to stretch out and thrive on the ridiculous. New authors like Rusty Autumn, The Steves and Mr. Perfect joined in the party. And new personalities seem to find their way to TGO every day

What a year it’s been. I can’t thank Wes and Dana enough for giving me this opportunity. I also would like to thank the TGO community for welcoming me in. And I appreciate you giving me time to get through the speed bumps and become a regular part of TGO.

We have all come very far in a short time. How much farther can we take this? The sky is the limit if we all do our part. Authors write, but it’s the people who comment, like, and share that have made this a community. There is a real special freedom we enjoy here that’s not available or acceptable too many places on the Internet, let alone in real life. We are the last of the freedom fighters.

What does TGO mean to you?

Any favorite memories of the last year?

Here’s to many more years of dong jokes!

Stay Saucy TGO