Have You Ever Been Hit on and Totally Ignored it?

I’m not going to lie and tell you I have a whole lot of luck with women. I’m not on the pathetic level that I can’t even talk to them or anything like that. I have plenty of friends that are girls and I can get a little flirty if I find myself in a situation that calls for it, but sometimes there can be somebody showing interest in me that I just don’t notice at all. Most of it came when I was in high school and probably a virgin.

Here are two situations where I completely ignored somebody’s advances. I’ll start out with the one that is the least pathetic. I was pretty young at the time, probably 17 year and there was this girl (and a relatively hot one) that was always going out of her way to hang out with me. I never really thought that this meant that she was interested in me, she just thought I was an interesting person. So, I never ever found out that I had a chance with this girl until I was already in a relationship with another girl and she told the girl I was dating at the time. This relationship sort of crumbled after we neared graduation, which was probably a good thing. I took this as a good time to go back and try and peruse this other girl and of course then it was too late and she lost interest. Probably because she got the impression that she wasn’t really my first choice which was far from the truth. I just never really considered that I had a shot with her, so I never made an effort to be anything more than friends. She was a way nicer and more attractive person than the girlfriend that I had.

Here is the more awkward one. I had a girl literally shove her finger in my ass. Of course when someone shoves their finger in your butt crack you can’t help but turn around and look at who is doing it. When I turned around there was an attractive girl behind me and she stuck her tongue out at me. In retrospect she was obviously interested. I probably could’ve banged her if I played by cards right, but for some reason I turned around and went back to whatever I was doing.

Have you ever been heavily pursued by a member of the opposite sex, but then totally ignored it?