Jon Kasdan’s Comments About Solo’s Box Office

Jon Kasdan is the son of legendary Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. Now that Solo: A Star Wars Story is released Kasdan claims he’s done with Star Wars. Writing a young Han Solo movie was one of the key elements that motivated him to come back to write The Force Awakens. That doesn’t mean that its the end for son Jon though and this remark on Twitter makes me think he wants to explore more Star Wars stories in the future.

A lot of the cool little references that happened in the movie ended up being Jon’s idea. Referencing old books, video games and characters are a nice treat to fans and Jon seems to be as big a fan as anyone else. He was actually planning to appear in the film as one half of the comedic Star Wars duo Tag and Bink, but their scene ended up getting cut from the film.

I think it would be cool if Solo was just the first step of an interconnected series of films that all take place in the Underworld. Then you could include characters like Han and Chewbacca in Boba Fett’s movie or maybe Jabba the Hutt’s.

Hopefully this won’t be the last time Jon gets a chance to write Star Wars because he obviously knows the character because Solo ended up being a blast.