Have you asked yourself if you’re ready for the 3 eyed raven to come home to roost? Are you ready to be happier than a puppy with three peckers?  Are you ready for a high five from the racist Dig Em frog from Honey Smack? Hold on tight and don’t lose that Poly Pocket doll as we discuss all things random.

When a cow tips in the woods and the Golly Green Giant steps on your shoes do you go down on a Keebler Elf and ask god for forgiveness? When Mr. Roper comes knocking on your door to ask for rent and thinks your gay will he cut you some slack and take you on a three hour tour? When Ripley’s asks you to believe it or not will Leonard Nimoy go in search of an answer for you? If right is tight and left is lose does that make people who are right all the time uptight or just tight? If you got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them then does leaving them all over your room mean you are a pig? Is Tony the Tiger really Tigger in disguise? Why can’t those Joes hit anything? If Neil and Bob are best friends how does that make Dick feel?