Celebrities Who Have Done Bad Things That We Forgot About

It seems like everyday we learn something about a celebrity who had done awful things. Some of them are able to survive these report and some of them aren’t. If these controversies happened before the age of the internet a lot of these celebrities are able to continue their career without much backlash. What is a celebrity controversy that people seem to have forgiven or forgotten about?

The first one that popped into my head was Matthew Broderick. He and Jennifer Grey were driving together in 1987 when Broderick crossed into the wrong lane and crashed head on with a young girl who was traveling with her mother. Both were killed instantly. He and Grey were dating at the time, but it was kept a secret (the tabloids have always been a problem). He was charged with dangerous driving resulted in death but was then convicted of a lesser charge and got off the hook with a fine of 175 dollars.

He still had a pretty solid career following the crash with Glory, The Lion King and 1998s Godzilla coming in the years after.

Name another celebrity who caused a controversy that was eventually forgotten.