Well kids I just caught a real hum dinger of a movie. I mean that in a good way of course. This was some class A real sci-fi movie stuff. Not your token sci-fi crap that anyone can put out. Nope I’m talking about one of those movies that doesn’t hold your hand, doesn’t end all happy necessarily and causes you to think a little. A movie very much like the Blade Runner movies, 2001, Alien, Arrival and Ex Machina. If those movies strike fear in you then this movie is clearly not for you. Movies like these typically are not received well by general audiences but are adored by critics and huge sci-fi fans. These types of movies don’t come around too often because well…….they typically don’t do well at the box office. I’m talking about ANNHILATION.

To give a bit of a back story  this movies screenplay was written (Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy) and directed by Alex Garland. The same guy who wrote and directed Ex Machina. He even uses one of the actors from that movie. He also wrote 28 days and Dredd and is working on a screenplay for Halo. Anyways, this guy can write and direct. And lucky for him he got to keep things the way he wanted as the studio originally wanted changes to be made to the movie so it would appeal more to general people.

Most of you probably may have seen a trailer for this movie as it stars Natalie Portman as a scientist who goes into a strange top secret area called the Shimmer. A place people go into but don’t come out. A strange unexplained anomaly on earth that is slowly growing and changing everything in it. This movie in many ways reminded me of the game Metro 33 at times. It also reminded me a little bit of parts of Arrival. Early on you are told what is happening but ultimately you never get a clear answer as to why things are happening….though the cause of it is revealed. It is a slow burn psychological thriller horror movie that I enjoyed and would recommend if you’re into such things. Being into such things are in right now unless your not into such things.