Moving Violations

Have you ever gotten any action while driving or in a moving vehicle? Road head perhaps? Or a hand job? What about full on sex while driving? Have you ever jerked off while driving? I have.

My buddies lady friend carries a vibrator in the glove box so he can pleasure her when they go on long drives. By long I mean more than 20 miles. Whores are so cool.

When I was younger I worked at a restaurant. There was a nerdy busboy and hot bus girl. Nerdy guy asked out the hot chick on a date. They went to the movies. On the way home they were involved in a serious car accident. Dude somehow lost control of his van and he rolled it. They were both hurt. But hot chick was hurt real bad because she wasn’t buckled in. Why wasn’t she buckled in? Turns out she was attempting to sit on his lap and fuck him while they drove. Great idea, horrible execution.

What kind of Highway action have you ever been involved in?