Tackleberry Arrest Report

Every day Officer Tackleberry is on the beat. Hitting the streets. Taking crime head on. Here are some highlights of this weeks Tackleberry Take Downs

Harry A. Johnson. Age 24. Tackleberry tried questioning Mr. Johnson about homosexual activities taking place in the area. Mr. Johnson refused to cooperate. He was charged with indecent blow job on an officer


Rick Viper. Age 19. Officer Tackleberry pulled Mr. Viper over for speeding. Tackleberry could smell marijuana in the car and requested a cavity search. Mr. Viper refused to cooperate. He had to be restrained.


Officer Tackleberry spotted John Stamos propositioning park goers for oral sex. Tackleberry went undercover and made arrangements with John Stamos for a blow job. Tackleberry then arrested John Stamos and charged him with spitting when ordered to swallow by an officer


Have you been sexed in the rear or mouth by Tackleberry lately?

Happy Gay Sunday TGO!