Hey TGO, I recently rebuilt the carbs on my broat using my 2 step method and a “friend” and I took the old girl out for a spin in Long Beach harbor to test her out.


Long Beach has a large harbor with the SS Queen Mary permanently docked there as a tourist attraction as well as the dome that used to be home to the Spruce Goose, a giant helicopter invented by Hugh Hefner in the days before his gender reassignment surgery.


Long Beach is a pretty good size city and goes inland for some miles but most of the cool stuff is right by the shore like the Long Beach sports arena where I have been lucky enough to see AC/DC, Weezer and Foo Fighters. While high as a kite of course.


We cruised around a while after our test run and caught a handful of small bass till dusk. The fish were under about a pound and a half. Not impressive but fun to catch. After dark Long Beach can get a little seedy, after all, it aint Newport Beach.


My “friend” was feeling frosty and took the opportunity to get a little freaky so we cruised the harbor for a while to see what we could drum up in the freakish sex department. Well it was’nt long before this little number was climbing into our broat.


A hot tranny crab named Rochelle. Looks like a chick right? Trust me though, under that sexy getup that crab is a dude. My “friend” wasted no time gettin that thing all over his dong. I pulled in the anchor while Rochelle had “her” 15 seconds of fame.


After that we threw that tranny out “Sheen style” and made our way back to the dock. My “friend” said his pubes were itching somthin’ fierce as we loaded up the broat. Must have caught something.


Peace out TGO!!