Are You Having A Shitty Day?

Last month Susan Allen of British Columbia Canada had a really shitty day. Susan and her son Travis were just driving along with the sunroof open, enjoying a nice day when, SPLAT, they were covered in shit!

“We were inundated with poop falling from the sky,” Said Allen. “There was poop falling through my sunroof, all over myself, all over my son, and all over the inside of my car.” The airborne shit is believed to have fallen out of a passing airplane, a theory Transport Canada is now investigating.

“My entire car was covered. It was covered from the front bumper all the way to the back bumper. It was in my sunroof, it was all over my seat, it was in my face, and down my shirt. It was disgusting.”

Susan and Travis began vomiting from the smell of shit and chlorine. They weren’t sure what had happened. But then a person in the next car pointed out a plane had just passed over head. Not sure what to do, Susan and Travis went to a nearby car wash and hosed themselves down. The next day Susan had to go to the Doctor because her eye had swollen up.

She was diagnosed with conjunctivitis, or pink eye. More like brown eye!

Transport Canada is investigating and has it narrowed down to three planes that could be the mad shit-bomber.

Have you ever been shit on when you didn’t pay for it?