If an Asshole Dies… Is He Still An Asshole?

Sometimes a tragic or premature death can do a lot a lot for a person’s reputation. It doesn’t seem to matter what you did during your lifetime someone will have something good to say about you when you die, even if you have few redeeming qualities. This was always something that bothered me. If a person is an asshole and they die I don’t suddenly have all this respect for them that I didn’t have before they died.

I’m not saying that I wished death on this person and chances are I’m not even happy that he died, but I’m not going to pretend that this person was a good person just because he got run over by a lawnmower and died.

In most circumstances I’m not afraid to tell other people this either. I tend to make a comment like “that’ll be a small funeral” and then people get all offended about it. Then there is also that group of people who try to pretend they were great friends with this guy before he died and that he had this large impact on their lives. No, he was an asshole, and you all know it. Why is it frowned upon to speak unkindly of the dead if that person was unkind himself?