Kelly Marie Tran Forced to Delete Social Media after Insults About Rose

Kelly Marie Tran portrayed Rose in The Last Jedi. A character that got mixed reviews from critics and fans. I can’t say I’m really a fan of Rose either considering all the great sequel trilogy characters that were around her. Marie Tran was forced to delete her Instagram account after months of nasty comments from angry fans.

Its hard to believe that people are still so butthurt about The Last Jedi that everyone is insulting one of the actresses 6 months after the movie comes out. Why do people get such a joy out of being bitter about Star Wars? At this point we’ve already gotten our Star Wars whether its the original trilogy or prequels and these new movies are for a new generation and if we happen to enjoy them then that’s just a bonus for us.

I watched quite a bit of interviews before The Last Jedi came out and Kelly Marie Tran just seemed like a nice girl who was just happy to be there. She didn’t write the character and in my eyes she was far from awful. She wasn’t Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending. Again I don’t like Rose much either, but even if I did despise her at this point I’d be long over it. Other people should be too.