Solo Expected to Be a 50 Million Dollar Loss

In my eyes Solo: A Star Wars Story was a pretty solid film and its really unfortunate that the film hasn’t been doing well at the box office. The film took a 65% drop in its second weekend of release bringing in under 30 million. That’s really low for a Star Wars film. In fairness, I don’t think we can expect the standalone movies to make enormous amounts of money that the saga movies do, but Disney and Lucasfilm threw a lot of money at this project and now its looks like they could be taking an overall loss.

Solo piled up a large budget because the film was essentially completely shot twice. Once by Lord and Miller and then again by Ron Howard. The film was believed to have a budget of at least 250 million (there are some conflicting reports) and then Disney/Lucasfilm spent another 150 million on marketing and other costs. Meaning this film has to make about 400 million dollars to break even. Solo appears to be the first Star Wars movie under Disney to fail to reach one billion dollars gross and its probably going to make less than half of that. Some reports claim the film will lose 50 million or as much as 80 million.

Solo’s box office take is currently sitting at 264 million with its two strongest weekends already behind it. This is probably going to be Solo’s last weekend to make solid money as Disney’s own The Incredibles 2 is scheduled to be released on June 15th and that’s bound to grab a large family audience.

Are you shocked to see that Solo may be considered a loss for Disney and Lucasfilm?