Tuesday Bluesday- SVVAMP

Some of the most “American” sounding classic rock being made these days is coming out of Sweden. The latest band is called SVVAMP.

They have captured the sound, soul, and spirit of the late 60’s and early 70’s. A mix of blues, folk, and hard rock all backed up with 3 part harmonies. This power trio with three lead vocalists isn’t just a ripoff of their forefathers. No, they have the chops and the songs to not just be some novelty act. Take the lead track. It has a greasy swagger Led Zeppelin would be proud of

Another fine cut called Hillside could fit at home on a James Gang or Free record

They also play some proto-metal reminiscent of Budgie or Pentagram

These songs are all flanked by some more laid back but still infectious tunes.

If classic rock or blues riffs are your cup of tea, then give these guys a chance.

Here is the whole album steam for the other person out there like me who may be interested in this music.