Man, Country Music Sucks Now

For some reason country Music seems more popular now than it ever was. Maybe that’s just me, but the big country hits seem to get more airplay these days than they used to. I can’t listen to county music anymore because its turned into completely phony garbage now.

I would never consider myself a country fan, but my dad was so when I was a kid I knew a lot of the popular songs from the 90s and 2000s and for the most part I liked them quite a bit. Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson even Keith Urban when he first started to gain traction wasn’t that bad.

It seemed like the genre really seemed to go downhill a few years ago. I was probably still in high school, but I noticed that a lot of the girls that were listening to Rihanna and Beyoncé a few years earlier were suddenly listening to country music. Shortly after that it seemed like all the country stars were going out of their way to appeal to women. There are so many pretty boy country stars that have tried to force the southern accent on themselves and jam all the country music clichés into their lyrics. Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Sam Hunt are some of the artists that stick out off the top of my head. They just seem like artists that don’t really stand behind the music they play, but they were musicians that record companies created in the studios and then pushed on us. You seem their videos and they are running around the stage with their hat on backwards.

It was really starting to get bad when Luke Bryan joined American Idol a year or two ago. Once the country musicians start getting involved in garbage like that you know its only going to get worse from here.

There are some good examples of solid country musicians now, but you have to dig a little deeper. Chris Stapleton is probably the most recognizable of people still dabbling in outlaw country, and a little southern rock too. These are people who can write country music that still seems at least a little genuine.

What is you opinion on current country music?