Tackleberry Takedowns

Tackleberry is a man of action. Raised in the military, he wasn’t taught the art of negotiation. He doesn’t know the meaning of Warning Shots. You break the law, Tackleberry will shoot you…dead. Here are some of this weeks Tackleberry Takedowns:

Wendy Maywell. Age 31. Ms. Maywell was observed acting erratically by Officer Tackleberry. She was ordered to stop but tried to flee

Jeff Henson. Age 63. Mr. Henson was observed by Officer Tackleberry with an open container of alcohol. Then Mr. Henson put on his shoes. Which only meant one thing, he was going to get in his car and drive drunk. He was subdued by Tackleberry.

Richard Prior. Age 44. While responding to a robbery in progress, Officer Tackleberry witnessed Mr. Prior fleeing the scene with stolen merchandise. He was shot and killed without incident.