Dealing With Dick Heads

When it comes to confrontation there are several personality types. First is the passive type. They avoid confrontation. Not out of fear always, but because by nature they don’t feel the need. Next is the aggressive type. They are willing to stand their ground at any cost. When they see a group of antagonists, they walk into the middle of the pack and punch the biggest one in the mouth. Then there is the final type. They like confrontation only when it’s a winnable battle. These people look for the smallest, weakest ones and attack them. In the animal kingdom they are called predators. In the human realm, they are called dick heads.

These weak minded people don’t have the backbone to tangle with Apex Predators, they look for the easy kill. In our online community this is known as trolling. Don’t get me wrong. I love twisting someone’s titties. But when I go on a shit stirring mission on Disqus I don’t look for the little dogs. I choose to engage the alpha dog. Because I want a challenge. It does nothing for me to insult a woman minding her own business or a guy who is just trying his hardest to make it in this crazy world.

The nameless/faceless nature of the online community makes it easy for people to say whatever they like about others with little to no recourse. I enjoy the freedom that TGO provides to express my opinions. Some of my opinions are considered extreme. Some are all in jest just to get a rise out of people. I also like self deprecating humor. I’m the first to mock myself.

After seeing how much bullshit and drama takes place on Disqus channels I have really come to appreciate the community we have here. Despite being viewed as a vipers den by people on the outside, this place is actually quite friendly. For the most part we all conduct ourselves in an appropriate manor. On the rare occasion that some dick head comes here, I’ve witnessed people come together and run their ass back to the Junior Varsity league.

Why do you think some people feel the need to attack people they see as weaker than themselves?

How do you deal with dick heads in real life and online?