Fashion Showdown

Sometimes you see a new fashion trend and you think BRILLIANT! Other times you want to grab a claw hammer and smash someone in the head.

Today I want to explore one of each of these trends. First the good news:

Fashion Trend Thats Great

If you are a parent of young children, you’ll appreciate this piece of clothing. There are very few guarantees in life. But if you are around a kid and you have testicles, the kid will hit your balls one way or another

There is only one way to prevent this

No! Not violence against children! That’s probably wrong! You need protection.

Who wants to wear a bulky and unstylish jock strap and cup

Nobody, that’s who. What other options are there, you ask…

FridaBalls. The fashionable underpants with built in dick cushions that is reinforced flexible foam for comfort and protection. Now that’s a product I could support! Visit to order yours today!

Fashion Trend I Hate

There is a newer trend that popped up in recent years that really pisses me off. I’m not sure why. Normally I would just look at something and say “GAAAAY!” But not for this trend. It unlocks an inner rage inside of me for some reason. What is this horrific thing?

Shoulderless shirts

What the fuck is the point of this? It looks stupid as hell and serves no purpose. What, do women have warm shoulders that need air? Then wear a tank top! Are you going for the tanned shoulder and pasty upper arm look? God damn this is a ridiculous trend. Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking this.

What do you think of dick-saver underwear and shoulderless shirts?

Does any fashion drive you to commit gratuitous violence?