Favorite Possession

Great sentimental value is often placed on an item we possess. It could be a pocket knife you always carry. Or a lucky necklace. Perhaps a watch that was keistered out of Nam, an instrument you love, a gun you’ve used many times. Often time our favorite things aren’t the most expensive items we own. But the memories attached to it make it invaluable.

My favorite possession is my first motorcycle. A 1968 Honda CB160

The story behind it and the history I have with it make it priceless to me. I grew up around motorcycles. My dad rode, my uncles rode, many of my friends graduated from dirt bikes to street bikes by their 20’s. I always liked bikes. I had minibikes and a dirt bike growing up. But I didn’t get my first bike until I was 30 years old.

Eventually I decided it was something I was interested in getting. I saw a 1980’s Honda 750 for sale down the road from me. I passed it every day for two weeks. Finally my dad and I went and checked it out. It was a good bike and a good price. I decided I was buying it. But when I talked to the owner he told me he had sold the bike just hours earlier. BUMMER. I waited too long. Oh well. There are a million bikes for sale out there. I was disappointed but not discouraged. I went to a buddies house after that. We were sitting on his deck having a few beers and his older brother pulled in the driveway with a truck and trailer. On the trailer was a go-cart, a mini trail bike, and a red and chrome motorcycle. He had went to buy the go-cart from someone and they made a deal with him to buy all three. He didn’t want the motorcycle. It was up for sale. I immediately fell in love with it. It hadn’t run in 25 years and was rusted, busted and dirty. But I had to have it. So I ended up buying a bike that day after all. It took me almost a year to get it up and running again. But I had my iron horse

This antique death trap can barely get up to 65 MPH. But on something the size of a bicycle that feels like 120 MPH. The first time I rode the bike I hit gravel in an intersection making a left turn. I went down and smashed my left pinky into pieces. I now have 5 pins holding it together. People thought that would be the end of my riding days. Nope. I was determined. I got on it again the next year and every year since. This year the bike turned 50. And she turns heads every time I take it out. It is probably a $500 motorcycle but I would have to be made a crazy offer for it to ever sell it. I have blood sweat and tears into that motorcycle.

Do you have a favorite possession?