This took place in Knoxville TN


I was 24 and living in my parents basement at the time. I wasn’t working, had absalutly no ambition and did nothing but play video games and drink.

My social routine (at this point in my life) consist of driving 2 miles to a video game store called Play N Trade (My friend owned it). Play N Trade had TVs set-up all over the store so you could try out video games before you bought them (that was the gimmick). I told my friend not to invest into this business, I knew it would fail because it was 200 yards away from a GameStop. Unfortunately I was right, and my friend had to close shop a year-and-a-half later, but that year and a half inside that gaming store was a blast. It was like the movie Clerks, but with video game culture all around.


When you don’t work and live in your parents basement, your parents become slightly perturbed when they watch you play video games and drink liquor all day long. Getting alcohol can be a chore, after awhile your parents cut you off from their money in the hopes that you’ll get on with your life. Your bros and girlfriends get tired of watching you sit around playing video games, and they too stop coming around, so you can’t get alcohol through that rout either.


One day I’m sitting in the basement and I get a nasty hankering for some alcohol. I was bored out of my mind and needed some of that Devil’s Brew to cure my boredom. But no alcohol was insight for the evening so I got in my Range Rover and headed to Play N Trade to hang out and pass time.

I’m at a red light waiting for it to turn green when I feel a thump from the back. Some guy rear-ended me. I signal him with my hands to pull over at a near by gas station so we can assess the damage.

This guy (around the age of 19 I’d say) is freaking out. He’s begging me not to call the cops and is trying not to cry. I’m just staring at him and haven’t said a word. I look at the back of my Rover and there is absalutly nothing wrong with it (I knew from the second he hit me no damage was done, I had a hitch and I barely felt the impact). I look at his car (some kind of Honda) and the front bumper has a near perfect hole from my trailer hitch.

So I say to this kid “I’m not going to call anybody, but how much money do you have in your wallet?”. He says “really man?!?! that’s awesome, thanks!… then he opens his wallet and has a 50. I tell him to give me that 50 and we’ll call it even.

After the kid gives me thundurus praise for being a cool guy and letting him off the hook I headed to the liquor store.

Once again in my life I was spoiled through providence. I wanted alcohol and money was literally given to me for it from a complete stranger. I feel I can will things to happen, it’s always been like this.

I know it isn’t god who hooks me up in these dire circumstances, so it must be…….



On a side note: I wonder if that kid who gave me everything in his wallet ever looked back at that moment in time and thought to himself ”I put a hole in my front bumper then gave a guy a 50”.