Ram Bergman Says Johnson’s Trilogy Could Begin in 2 Years

Ram Bergman is Rian Johnson’s producing partner he’s been credited as a producer on all of Johnson’s films including The Last Jedi. He was interviewed by an outlet in Israel about their new trilogy of Star Wars movies. Bergman doubled down and said that the films will focus on completely new characters. On the subject of when the film will be released his said this.

 Miller: What’s the plan for releasing the first one?

Bergman: I can’t tell you because we don’t know yet. Maybe in two years; it’s just in the early stages.

I would consider two years to be a pretty quick turnaround. If we are sticking to the one Star Wars movie a year system that would mean that Johnson’s first film will be the first movie after Episode IX. That could mean that there will be no spinoff movie in 2020 like most people have expected. There is also a possibility that Bergman is talking about when the film will be beginning production and not when its going to be released.

When do you expect to see Rian Johnson’s new trilogy? Or will it even happen now that The Last Jedi seems to have turned fans off?