Ghetto Rigging

Mat is our go to guy for hick fixes… but being that I’m a born and raised Jersey girl, I know a thing or two about ghetto rigging sh!t.

This is my list of my favorite ghetto riggings:

1. My dad was the king of ghetto rigging. His headlights went out and we were broke so he “borrowed” a few mag lights from work and kept them in the car. When we had to drive locally at night we each held a flash light out the window so he could see.

2. Another Dad classic, when the windshield wipers stopped working he busted through the dash and had my mom hanging upside down in the front seat to manually move the wipers back and forth.

3. My mom was so use to stuff going wrong with our old Lincoln that she kept things handy… like the time our muffler fell off and she put on her oven mits, ran down the hill after it, and put it in our trunk.

4. We had a real life uncle buck mobile. My brother and I had to start walking to school when I was in first grade because our car was banned from school property for being hazardous to children’s health. It backfired and smoked a lot.

5. Anyone have to get in the driver’s seat from the passenger side? Yup.

6. When seats would break there was always a spare set of bungie cords and a milk crate waiting on standby

7. We don’t tow. Another Dad classic. His front wheel drive went out so we had to drive home (on route 46 in nj) for a few miles in reverse. That was fun

8. One night I was driving my mustang and all of a sudden I heard a crash but didn’t see anything. I get out, look, and my side mirror is destroyed. However.. there were no damaged mailboxes around… it was 3am. So I went home. The next morning my uncle calls my family’s house and said to my brother, “some asshole hit my mailbox last night, glass everywhere. Good thing I made the post out of brick!” My brother laughed and said, “that asshole was your neice”. Later that day we went to his house for his bday and my card said, “happy birthday. Sorry about the mailbox. Love, asshole”.

What is your favorite ghetto rigging car story?