Would You Eat Leg Taco?

Vice network did an interview with a man who faced an ethical dilemma. If you had the chance to eat human flesh in an ethical way, not killing someone or anything illegal, would you?

The man who wanted to remain anonymous, was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. He was hit by a car and thrown from his bike and suffered a gruesome leg injury. His foot was mangled and had to be amputated from the shin down

Most people would go into a deep depression if they suffered a life altering injury. Not this guy.

After his release from the hospital he asked the doctor if he could have his severed limb. Because of religious protections where some require you to be buried whole, the hospital is required to give you your amputated limbs if requested.

What was his plan? Taxidermy. But he couldn’t find anyone who would do it. Then he looked into freeze drying. But it would have cost him $1200. So he decided to have it cast in plaster and use it as a doorstop. But before he cast the frozen limb he thought about the opportunity to eat some of the muscle. When else would he ever have the chance again. Only 1 state has laws against eating legally obtained human flesh. He asked a group of friends about it and surprisingly they all were into it. One friend was a chef and offered to prepare the meal.

The meat was brined overnight and marinated in oil, lemon, salt and pepper, and onion. Then it was fried with onion and peppers

The leg was served as tacos.

It was described as tough and beefy in flavor. Many jokes about being inside 10 of his friends were made and everyone had a jolly time.

Would you eat your buddies severed limb?