Open Letter To All Liberal Feminists

Dear Feminist,

I first want to thank all of you for emailing TGO to show your love and support. Though, I have a question. What body type do you prefer that we promote? We could show nothing but skinny girls

But I don’t find them attractive. And it sets an unhealthy body image for girls to strive for. Do you suggest using just average body types?

Here you have an unremarkable lady. While it’s a healthy look, I feel encouraging “average” isn’t the best either. We should all strive for better than average. My ideal lady is the next level up. The curvy woman

Beautiful and built to last. Not some pencil with makeup on. This woman can look good Friday on your arm at the club, then help you chop firewood the next morning. Lastly we have the heavyset woman.

This body type is the one that draws much criticism. I don’t understand why. TGO loves the big ones. I thought you’d appreciate that we celebrate healthy, attainable body types. Please let me know which type of women you’d like to see us post here. Thanks a million


One Mat Gang