What’s Something That You Are Glad You Tried… But Will Never Do Again?

Every now and then you have to go do something just to say you did it. I find myself doing things like this a lot. As soon as I’m done I say “well, I’m never doing that again”.

Personally, I feel like a lot of people answer this question with “cocaine”, but that was never something I tried. I just kept it simple and smoked weed every now and then.

One simple example is that I tried the craft beer that is offered up the street from me just a few weeks ago. I’m glad I tried it just so I could formulate my own opinion on it, but I didn’t like it and I’ll never drink it again.

Another thing I was glad I did was go to some college parties, even though I only went to a community college for post secondary education. College parties are so much better than high school parties because everyone is a bit more mature and no one really thinks that they are better than you are. Sometimes I wish I did the “Thanksgiving graduate” thing and went to university for two months and partied it up and then dropped out.

What is something you’re glad you did, but won’t try again?