Dumbass Of The Day

Here at TGO we like to celebrate stupidity. Well, today we have a candidate for Dumbass of the Year

This is Douglas Kelly, age 49, from Hawthorne Florida. He made a phone call to the local police department to report a drug dealer. Doug here told police that a week ago he bought meth but when he smoked it, he believed it was a different drug. The police, being the nice people they are, told Doug to bring the drugs into the police station and they would test them for him. Doug was very happy that they would help him, so he grabbed the drugs and drove to the police station. The police took the substance and tested it. Good news Doug! It’s meth! Bad news? You are under arrest.

Look people, don’t ever call the police and ask them to test your drugs. As a free service to all TGO viewers, I have set up a place to help you out. Contact me at 1-700-IMA- TARD.