Rogue One VS. Solo

We’ve gotten two movies under the Star Wars Story banner so far. Rogue One and Solo. Maybe it isn’t fair to compare these two movies yet since it has only been a few weeks since Solo has been released, but I don’t care. Which of the two standalone movies do you prefer.

I feel that it makes more sense to compare the two standalones to each other than it is to compare them with the saga films just because I just get so hyped for the saga films in a way I never could for these standalone movies. I’m still really excited to see them when they come out, but a saga film is just that much more exciting for me.

If my opinion means anything to you (it probably shouldn’t) at this point in time Rogue One is my preference. You could argue that it lacks some character development, but Jyn Erso was solid enough and I get invested enough in the story that it was never really a problem for me. Every time I view the movie I feel it gets stronger and it just pairs so beautifully with A New Hope.

Solo is fun and I definitely like the characters more in this movie than I do in Rogue One, but I never really felt like it had the significant Star Wars moments that Rogue One has.

What is your preference of the two Star Wars standalones so far?