Get Into Fat: Super Sized Edition

Today I’m hosting approximately 40 friends and relatives. This is an annual event that I host. This is my first year cooking for the party. I was asked what do you make for 40 people. The answer is Pig. As much as I can cook. Here is the menu

10 pounds pulled pork/venison mix

-2 pork loins, 1 venison roast cooked 8 hours in the crock pot in 1 cup chicken broth, 1 diced onion. Topped with dry gravy mix. After 8 hours I shred the meat into chunks.

Strain the liquid from crock pot and add back into meat mix

Into the smoker for 8 hours

Also going in the smoker

Cabbage and sausage and pork n beans

Chili Mac and cheese

And cheese potatoes

I’m grilling 5 pounds Sahlen’s Hot Dogs

Cornbread and honey butter too

Wash it all down with tasty brews

How are you getting your win on today?