Babies what are they good for?

Well iv pretty much said it all in the title theyre small weak loud and useless or atleast thats what I once though but babies have plenty of uses for example with some duct tape you can remove the noise issue then its just a matter of occasional feeding and storage as for their uses 1 is as a pillow or with amputation or tiny plastic handcuffs for those of you non extremists they can be the perfect doorstop or paperweight substitution for a ball or even a tiny bat or a hammer with some rope the perfect doll and those are just some of the uses ever had alot of letters to lick and stamp so many that your ran out of spit well babies are always spitting. ever wanted to have a quick wank but were out of Lube that little guys full of all sorts of liquid just turn em upside down ever had a long Wank in your sisters room while the familys away but lost track of time and had no chance to clean up squeeze that little Fvcker and cover up the evidence with vomit ever been about to finish when you hear a car pull up? with no time to get to the bathroom just aim for that little buggers mouth if it doesnt have teeth yet stick it in go for a full clean be creative and most importantly be careful…also…im probably going to hell now…and so are you if you follow my advice so so seeing as thats unavoidable you may want to consider becoming a priest…theyre allowed to do this stuff….