Daily Enlightenment

I have shared stories of my many hobbies. But one hobby I have not yet talked about is the ancient art of fly shrimping.

Fly shrimping is only possible 3 weeks out of the year. During spawning season, shrimp swim from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and into the cooler fresh water streams. They make the 1000 mile trek to the deep jungles Of Missouri. Then during sun up and sun down they congregate for mating. Being that the shrimp are quite active during this time, traditional netting can’t be used. There was an ancient technique, long forgotten by western civilization, where you use fly fishing equipment to catch the shrimp.

This technique was mastered by only one man, David “Ice” Maxwell.

He had a fishing/self improvement show called Fishing For The Truth. David would help you master fly shrimping, but more importantly he would enlighten your soul. Since the show was canceled some years ago, I’d like to share David “Ice” Maxwells knowledge with you in the form of daily quotes

“Oblong boats have corners, there’s no cutting corners in a round boat”

See. Totally amazing stuff. Here’s one more for you:

“Obstacles are like ramps that make success fly sky high”

Think about it. David “Ice” Maxwell is my personal lord and savior. Join us brothers and sisters.