Tom Hanks Nearly Cameoed in Solo

Star Wars has been introducing a bit of a tradition with famous actors appearing in the movie as Stormtroopers. None of these people show their faces, so the audience really has no idea who is under the mask until its revealed afterwards. It started with Daniel Craig’s appearance in The Force Awakens and then was followed up by Tom Hardy in The Last Jedi although that scene was cut.

Ron Howard has revealed that the cameo for Solo: A Star Wars Story was actually going to be Tom Hanks. Ron Howard has worked with Tom Hanks several times including on Splash and Apollo 13. Ron said that Hank was definitely interested in making the cameo. Unfortunately he had a scheduling conflict and the appearance just couldn’t get done.

That may have been the only opportunity to see Hanks in Star Wars. I think we can all agree that he’s not really a fit for the property. Its an interesting story nonetheless.