When is it Bad to Be Cheap?

I’m not actually a high roller, but I’ve always found really cheap people to be a bit annoying. It seems quite often that the people who are the cheapest have the most money to spend. I guess that’s because they are so reluctant to give it out. I can’t even hold a conversation with a real cheap person because all they do is complain about the price of stuff.

Most people have a budget for themselves and that’s fine. I have one too, but every now and then a situation comes up where I need to spend money to do something and I tend to spend a little more to make sure its done well rather than just find something that’s light on my pocketbook.

I live in a small town, so a lot of the businesses around my area have a charge a bit more during the winter months to make sure they can continue. Then you have the cheapies driving an hour and spending 20 bucks for gas to save 10 bucks on their groceries. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

For example. I saw a Facebook post this morning with one of my friends looking to make a recommendation about the cheapest place to get an oil change. I just roll my eyes when I see stuff like that. With car related stuff I like taking my vehicle to a place I trust that does quality work. You don’t want a discount repair job coming back to bite you in the ass.

What is something that you shouldn’t be cheap about?