Future Star Wars Spinoffs Are Reportedly On Hold

Collider is reporting that a source close to Lucasfilm is saying that the long reported spinoff “Star Wars Story” movies at Lucasfilm have been put on hold thanks to the disappointing returns from Solo: A Star War Story. Apparently Lucasfilm is shifting all focus to Episode IX and likely the movies coming from Rian Johnson and Benioff and Weiss.

The source states that an Obi Wan Kenobi film was in development, but the people who were involved in the film have now left the project. James Mangold was reportedly working on a Boba Fett movie but apparently Solo’s box office has convinced Lucasfilm to put these plans on the back burner for now.

I’ve also read Star Wars News Net’s report on the story and they’ve added a few other little tidbits of info. Apparently Lucasfilm wanted to push back Solo when all the drama happened with the director change, but Disney would not allow it. Disney did allow far more money to be spent as long as Lucasfilm could promise the film would make the May 25th date. Disney did not allow any preferential treatment for the film because Avengers: Infinity War was coming out and that film was generating a lot more buzz. The release date and the marketing campaign were both blamed for Solo’s box office failure.

Finally SWNN also claimed that Disney/Lucasfilm was done taking risks on filmmakers and will continue to go after proven veteran talent that has a history with larger budget movies.

I’m disappointed by this news, but I understand why it should be done. Star Wars is obviously not as bulletproof as people have expected. I hope that they revisit the idea of solo movies again, because I do feel like there could be some cool stories to tell in that format without covering a huge scale. Its also a great way for Star Wars to blend with other genres.

This also opens the possibility that a streak of one Star Wars movie a year could end as soon as 2020. At this point I have no idea what Lucasfilm’s plans are from here.

Are you disappointed that the Star Wars anthology movies are being shelved?