GAMESTOP IS DYING–but aren’t we all

Gamestop like many brick and mortar stores has been struggling. In 2007 it’s stock was worth 9.4 billion. It is now worth 1.4 billion. Stocks shares used to sell as high as 53 dollars and now sell for 13–but shot up to 15 when news of a buyout came up. Yes Gamestop seems to be looking for a buyout from some equity firms. What’s an equity firm? Good question. They invest in companies but why would you invest in something that appears to be failing? My guess is someone is hoping to buy cheap and somehow maybe save the company to spin a profit. Basically flipping it. Now there is no guarantee Gamestop will find anyone to do this but they are looking. Gamestop makes most of their money selling used games and with more games being digital and competition with online stores like Amazon cutting into profits they have been slowly losing money. Their days are numbered. How long do you think they will be around? Do you care? I know most people hate Gamestop but for many people they are the go to store in their area…..some people still like going to stores–losers. I think they will be around for at least one more generation of consoles with some serious store closures but that is probably it.