How Often Do You Smoke Weed?

There are very few people over 20 years of age that have never smoked marijuana. Its just one of those things that you try at least once and then of course there are people who are having a toke 2 or 3 times a day. I was never that into it, but I’m not too stiff to hang around someone who’s smoking a joint. Most of my close friends aren’t that into it, so I’m sure if I did have friends that smoked a lot I’d be doing it a lot more.

Its probably been a couple of years since I smoked weed. It was actually the first time I ever did a bong hit and I fucked up and ended up with some pain in my lungs for a couple of days. It actually fucked me up pretty good. It was definitely the most stoned I ever was.

Canada is going to legalize weed pretty soon. The bill actually passed yesterday and apparently cannabis will be for sale in 8-12 weeks. I don’t know if that will result in me smoking it a little more or not. Apparently the liquor stores are going to be the places that carry it, but not all stores will. If I wanted to go and buy some weed I’d have to drive an hour and that just wouldn’t be worth it for me.

How much do you smoke weed?