Movie plans are all the rage now. Moviepass will let you see as many movies as you’d like for 10 bucks a month. A business model many say can’t be sustained for long. They suppository make their money by selling your information.  Well AMC theaters are getting in on the fun with a little more pricey and limited plan. For 20 bucks a month you can see 3 movies a week–Imax included. Now you really have to like movies to go to the movies even twice a week in my book. I don’t think there is that many good movies out there to see one once a week. But both plans are still a deal as long as you see at least 3 movies a month.

Do you have a plan if not why not god damn it? All this sounds pretty good to me. Get a plan for maybe the summer and then end it until the holidays come around.


On another random note here is a cool sloth costume you can get…