Best Live Album?

Live albums have always been interesting for me. I tend to own a lot of them. Mostly because I’m always interested in how musicians deliver their music in a live environment. There are lots of bands that should be a live experience rather than a studio one.

Most live albums don’t interest people who aren’t already big fans of the artist. Its less likely to see a live album sell a lot of units, even when people were still buying albums. KISS’ Alive album was one of the best selling live records and it helped break them out. Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison is one of the most memorable concerts in history and that album sold very well too.

My personal favorite live album was actually AC/DC Live mostly because I’m pretty sure that it was the first CD I ever bought. I bought it because a live album tends to have most of the hits on it. I basically played the CD to death and had to buy another copy a few years ago. If You Want Blood You’ve Got It is often considered the stronger AC/DC live album, but I always preferred the later one probably because I heard it first.

What’s your favorite live album?