All great era’s must come to an end. Jerry Springer’s show first aired way back in 1991. At the time the show was just a regular talk show like many others at the time. It focused on politics and social issues with sometimes famous guests.

But by 1994 the show was up for cancellation unless it got it’s ratting up somehow. An obscure show few knew about would explode that year when the show would take on much more controversial topics….and the Jerry Springer show we all know and love was born.

Going forward the show would best be known for its fighting resulting from confrontations between people over cheating but the show would also take on pretty much anything that was bizarre or controversial enough to get ratings.






While the show may be over for now it is set to run in syndication for some time so it will never truly be over for Jerry. With over 4000 shows under its belt it will live on for some time.

Are you saddened and upset by Jerry’s sudden departure from the TV landscape? Do you have any touching stories to share regarding how his shows changed your life? I was a nobody before Jerry. But after watching his shows I realized so are a bunch of other people out there…..for that I’m grateful…thank you Jerry.