New Trend: Hot Dog Water

A man in Vancouver has begun to sell hot dog water. He basically just boiled a few hot dogs and placed them in a bottle of water and started to sell them for 38 bucks each or 75 for 2.

Douglas Bevans claimed that his hot dog water increased brain function, helped weight loss and helped its drinkers to maintain a youthful appearance. He also stated that hot dog water could help remove “crow’s feet” from around your eyes if applied in the lip balm form.

As expected hot dog water is a joke, but Bevans was still able to sell 60 liters worth of product. He decided to sell the water in order to parody some of the trends that claim to have benefits backed by science but actually have no value at all. His goal was to make consumers more aware of what it is that they are buying.

While plenty of people got a laugh out of the obvious joke there were lots of people who bought in to the ridiculous prank.

Would you drink some hot dog water? I bet its good.